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[17-07-2024] All classes have been closed indefinitely from 17-07-2024 as per the notification of higher authorities and Bangladesh University Grants Commission.         

Message from the
Desk of Dean

The ultimate goal of medicine is to serve humanity. Medical education is undergoing a significant transformation. The medical program utilizes a competency-based curriculum focusing on best practices of patient care delivered through innovative teaching strategies, digital classroom, comprehensive library and streamlined courses ensuring a seamless transition from basic to clinical science application. Medical college challenges the best and the brightest minds to learn the science and art of compassionate care for the patients.

Enam Medical College was established in 2003 with a vision to bring the quality medical education to the doorsteps of common people of the society. It has now become one of the compliant private medical colleges in Bangladesh with outstanding teaching and the commitment to the future generation. It has been advancing forward with the strong support of valued faculty members to enable the students to pursue higher education and professional goals with a sound academic background. The exciting journey of student-centered medical education to patient-centered health care will inspire the medical students to be passionate about providing their patients with the best possible course of treatment, wellness and care

Becoming an excellent physician requires more than just good grades. Students should practice extra- and co-curricular activities along with academic study for their personal development. Enam Medical College provides a great platform to nurture these qualities

I sincerely hope that Enam Medical College continues with sustained effort, enthusiasm and motivation to address the needs of current and future medical practice and thus can contribute towards genuine higher education and research to enable its graduates to serve their native countries and humanity at large with their knowledge and achievements.

Dr. Shahryar Nabi
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
University of Dhaka