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[17-07-2024] All classes have been closed indefinitely from 17-07-2024 as per the notification of higher authorities and Bangladesh University Grants Commission.         

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Desk of Chief Executive Officer

We are truly proud that Enam Medical College Hospital is increasingly getting on ascendance in ranking among the national-scale multidisciplinary, tertiary care and referral hospital of the country. Our patients and their attendants, our society as a whole, and the stakeholders are all in eloquence testimony for our all-out commitment to ensure world class medical education and with an inherent harmony of integration between medical education, screenings and clinical care that makes a medical college hospital worth of its avowed principles and standard.

What happens when young students enter an institution for studying medicine find that what they are taught is instantly demonstrated in clinical exercise? That is their syllabus that teaches them how to heal and redress, from textbook theoretical paradigms to on-hand clinical practice and research under the supervision of our renowned national and foreign physicians. We are unique for our faculty members are unique. We are here to prove that a truly non-profit medical institution can create wider scope and opportunities for the deserving, for the less advantaged. Enam Medical College Hospital strives to open up a national academic forum for equal opportunities through a number of endowments. Lest not a single student be deprived of their legitimate opportunity, not a single patient is left from undergoing world-class treatment.

The old ways of profiting, the mundane order of keep students pouring in, whether or not adequate academic infrastructure is provided for them or student-teacher ratio is maintained to ensure the right kind of medical education and patient care, making the bastion of their in-depth knowledge, skill and expertise, and serving the ailing masses with great values and virtues.

My sincerest appreciation to our dedicated doctors, consultants, nurses, technicians, faculty members, college and hospital management and staff and obviously the students, remains at the highest esteem. I feel proud of sincere service to Enam Medical College Hospital over the years that will be my fondest treasure of service to the ailing masses.

Dr Anawarul Quader Nazim, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Enam Medical College Hospital